1. What is RPGeek?
    We hope by joining you can find other role playing gamers in your area to arrange games or groups.  Make your home for interacting with the RPG community, finding new friends, discovering new games and growing the games we love.
  2. How do I find a group?
    Take a look at our groups section.  A group for your game doesn’t exist?  Create one!  Find a group for the type of game you’d like to form and create a local (sub-group) to find gamers in your area.  Each group has its own forums, blog and upload area!
  3. How do I arrange games?
    Once you have formed a group you can organize Events!  Create an event, provide the game location, date and other details and wait for people to sign-up.  Events are also displayed on the main page to help get the word out.
  4. What about MMORPGs?
    Of course we support MMORPGs!  The games we love like Dungeons and Dragons have given birth to games such as World of Warcraft.  Many MMO players got their start playing tabletop RPGs and hopefully still play on occasion.  So enjoy the MMORPG group and find other players in your area!
  5. I created/publish a RPG, can I post about it here?
    Of course!  We WANT you to!  Form a group for your game, promote your game, tell us all about your game!  This site is for growing the RPG community and helping you grow your game will help us grow the community!  Please contact us and tell us about your game.
  6. Is there a charge?
    No.  The site is free.  Of course we welcome donations to help with the costs but we exist because we love role playing games and want to see the community grow.  If you want to really help, tell people about the site and invite them to join; the more members we have the stronger our community.
  7. You didn’t answer my question!
    Please submit your question using our contact form and we’ll be happy to help.  Don’t be afraid to ask, others may have the same question and it will help us grow this FAQ.

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