Pinnacle Releases New Savage Worlds Companions

Fans of Savage Worlds are thrilled that the long-awaited Science Fiction Companion has been released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. In social media posts leading up to the release, fans from all over the world remarked on the various games they are looking forward to “Savaging” as homebrew games—including movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek, video games like HALO and Destiny, and even “Rome in Space.”

Some fans have commented on creating settings where super heroes battle threats in outer space, as it was also announced that a new edition of the Super Powers Companion would be released simultaneously. First released in 2009, the Second Edition updates the rules set to Savage Worlds Deluxe, as well as providing new Edges, Hindrances, powers, and gear.

SFC coverSPC cover

Both the Super Powers Companion and Science Fiction Companion feature the new “graphic novel” format from Pinnacle, with new art and design and a full color interior. While PDF versions of the books are available for download at for $14.99 each, combining the PDF with the preorder of a print copy (available soon) brings the price to only $5 for the PDF. A Limited Edition hardback copy is $24.99 ($29.99 with Print+PDF purchase), and standard softback editions of either book are $19.99 ($24.99 with Print+PDF).

Shane Hensley, creator of Savage Worlds, said: “With the constant growth of Savage Worlds and the depth of the Science Fiction Companion and the new Super Powers Companion, we wanted to make sure everything really worked together. We want our Game Masters to be able to put together a Green Lantern Corp™ kind of supers campaign where heroes battle villains in power armor or in giant walkers. Or a scifi campaign where the aliens or even the player characters have amazing super hero-like abilities. We also wanted to make sure you could handle everything from customizing your ship for a Firefly™ type narrative game to massive dogfights between capital ships or even space leviathans. It all fits together better than ever and should allow our Game Masters to create their dream settings.”

The Science Fiction Companion has refined species creation rules, a dozen sample races including deaders and florans, new Hindrances, Edges, and gear. It also includes cyberware, power armor, starships, vehicles, and walkers, as well as new Setting Rules to handle the rigors of life in the far future or beyond the stars. Almost 30 pages are devoted to ready-made foes for GMs, from asteroid miners to a new and draconian empire and their powerful vessels. Creatures are named for what they do, such as spit skunk or decapitator, allowing the GM to name them as she sees fit for the tone of her particular campaign.

While some material comes from the Science Fiction Gear, Bestiary, and World Builder Toolkits (originally released beginning in 2004) the Science Fiction Companion is updated and streamlined for Savage Worlds Deluxe. Several Savage Worlds licensee companies are already making plans for settings that use the new material, and it was announced in 2012 that a setting from Pinnacle Entertainment Group named The Last Parsec (release pending) would require the Science Fiction Companion.

Savage Worlds was created by Shane Lacy Hensley. Savage Worlds, as well as the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition), Science Fiction Companion, The Last Parsec, and the Pinnacle logo are all trademarks of the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. For more information, visit

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