Long Absence

It has been several months since I’ve last posted, life rearing its ugly head and interfering with the many things that bring me joy.  So many times I sat down and started to write a review or article about gaming and would get half way through and just stop, my heart just wasn’t in it.  Its not that I had turned away from gaming or having an interest, I definitely hadn’t.  Somehow the things going on in my life were denying me the ability to enjoy the things I loved.

Here we are, 2014 and a new year.  Although life continues to deal some bad hands, I at least reached the point to not let it keep me from finding an escape in the wonderful world of gaming.  In the end, isn’t that the point really?  To take timeout from all the things that bring us stress or worry and escape to a place where we can be someone else, limited only by our  imagination?

Insert a big “sigh”.  So, quite a few things sitting on my table to review which I will get to work on over the next week or two.  Additionally, I would like to continue with the revamp of the website, I had been working back in November on a new look that I’d like to finish.

Again, sorry for the short absence.  Please keep checking back as I get myself back into the routine and posting regular updates!

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