GenCon 2013 – Epic Start!

The doors to GenCon 2013 have opened and the organizers of this enormous event never stop amazing me!  After arriving to Indy an hour later than planned because I somehow failed to include time zones in my scheduling process, I had to sprint from my car to the Convention Center with just 20 minutes left before my first scheduled activity.  As I ran through the doors all I could wish for was a large number of people took advantage of the 24 hour Will Call but those hopes were lost when I rounded the corner to the huge line snaking away from the counter, down the hall and around the corner.

I immediately grabbed my phone in panic so I could start working on damage control as I waited in line, I could feel the blood pumping as my face reddened.  How could I have been so stupid?!  This line was going to take forever!  I’d be waiting for at least an hour before I’d have my tickets in hand, I predicted.  Slowly I began to realize I could hardly focus on replying to the flurry of text messages I was getting regarding my blown itinerary because I kept having to move along in the line.  I sent what was to be my last text message to cancel my first meeting, letting the person know I was sorry and would try to re-schedule when I finally manage to get my badge.  What a way to start GenCon.

Staring at my phone I watched the message successfully send and let out a sigh, prepared to endure my long wait in line.  However when I looked up I realized I had traveled the entire distance of the hall and around the corner to the point I was now entering the roped off area leading to the Will Call desks!  How could this be?!  It has been less than five minutes and I’ve moved over 100 feet?!  No way, am I dreaming?  Before I could even try to formulate an explanation for this juggernaut of customer service I was standing in front the Will Call desk giving the guy my name.  One minuter later I was striding away from the counter with my badge and tickets in hand!

The joy had returned to my face, my fingers were feverishly trying to revive my itinerary as I sprinted to my first engagement.  Could I make it?  Hell yeah, I did… with five minutes to spare.  I spent the next few hours trying to believe what I had just experienced, how was it possible?  So to the organizers of GenCon, hats off to you for having found a system that works so well, getting hundreds of people in and out in just a few minutes.  Epic way to start the greatest 4 days in gaming!


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