GenCon Road Trip!

Gamers, it is time to make the annual pilgrimage to that mega-dungeon on the planes – GenCon 2013!  The Twitterverse is already ablaze with Tweets from people around the world eagerly boarding planes or hopping into cars for that grand journey to America’s midwest.  I won’t be leaving until Wednesday evening since I am fortunate enough to only be a few hours away, so I need to survive another day of waiting.  Having grown up in the Midwest, and originally from a small town less than an hour away from Indianapolis, this is like a trip home both with childhood memories and thoughts of reuniting with all you fellow gamers.

Starting Thursday morning I will begin posting pictures and video from GenCon 2013, both here and via my @RPGeekme Twitter account. Some of the things I plan to cover:

  • Exhibit Hall (hopefully before the doors open)
  • Open Gaming – I’m going to stop by here to see what interesting new games I can find to test and write about (last year I enjoyed 13th Age for the first time via Open Gaming!)
  • Catalyst games interview and demos
  • Seminars (several scheduled on various gaming topics but still working on which would deserve write-ups)
  • Costume contest
  • DNDNext GenCon 2013 experience review
  • Several Game designer interviews scheduled (write-ups will likely happen post-GenCon)
  • Family Fun Center (as a father I like to look for things of interest to parent gamers)
  • GenCon GenCon GenCon (in other words, anything noticeably interesting I come across during these grand four days!)

I’m armed with several digital cameras, a video camera and internet connectivity – much more prepared than last year when I was overwhelmed with possibilities while deprived of time.   I’ve tried to leave more gaps of time this year to accommodate interview opportunities or those cool discoveries you seem to make while traversing the Exhibit hall.

To get your GenCon fix, follow me on Twitter for active updates or check this website throughout the event.  If you’re attending and would like to present your game, interviewed for your latest release or just blatantly plug your stuff – send me a Tweet @Rpgeekme!


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