Kickstarter Picks for July-August 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Kickstarter Picks, mostly because there haven’t been any that really excited me since the Dwarven Forge “give-away”.  However this month there are a couple going on that are more appealing personally but I’m posting them anyway.

SPACE: 1889

Men have conquered the inner planets of the Solar System and are now travelling through the Ether. They discovered the ancient culture of the Martians and the misty wilderness of Venus. Mercury is a world of extremes but rich in valuable raw materials. The Asteroid Belt and the Earth’s moon, Luna, are waiting for further exploration. And there is still a lot to discover on Earth itself.

Under the burning sun of the Martian steppes, the steamy mists of the Venusian jungle, the deadly cold of the Dry Ice Zone on Mercury, or at the banks of the Amazon River on good old Earth – the world of Space: 1889 is full of adventures.

Uhrwerk Verlag (english website: is one of the bigger RPG publishers in Germany. They produce a wide range of RPGs including the German Fantasy RPG “DSA: Myranor” as well as the German versions of “The One Ring,” “Hollow Earth Expedition,” and “Deadlands Classic.” The owner and director of Uhrwerk Verlag, Patric Götz (some information about that on Frank Chadwick’s Blog here), has been a fan of Space: 1889 right from the beginning and had thus contacted Frank Chadwick a couple of years ago to see if he could revive the RPG and provide it for the German audience. In the summer of 2012, this dream finally came true.

This Kickstarter is to help fund Frank Chadwick’s English translation of Space: 1889.  I have actually followed the German version with huge interest and almost bought it but held off mostly because of other things going on in my life.  Although I could get through on the German version with Germany being my second home, having the game in my native English is much more appealing.  So for my own selfish reasons, support this Kickstarter! 🙂

Funding period
Jul 17, 2013 – Aug 25, 2013 (39 days)
Kickstarter: Space: 1889


The Devil Walks in Salem

From Wizards of the Coast founder and Gen Con owner Peter Adkison, this Kickstarter is to fund the short film “The Devil Walks in Salem,” a project exploring using role-playing games to develop scripts for narrative films.  As a gamer, how could I not support this?  Given Peter’s obvious passion for gaming and role player games specifically, we’re lucky to have someone like that at the helm of such a project.  So count me in!

A narrative film inspired by the Salem witch trials. The screenplay is an adaptation of an actual roleplaying game session.

If you’re a fan of roleplaying games, then you’ve undoubtedly experienced one of those magical nights, when every player is on their best game, and when it’s over, you say, “Wow, that would make a great movie.” Well, that’s what we’re doing! Last year we filmed about 30 roleplaying game sessions, and one of those stood out above the rest as a session with a clearly cinematic story. What’s unique and exciting about this project is that the screenplay is an adaptation of a story and characters created through roleplaying.

Don’t play roleplaying games but like dark tales? You’ll love this film, too! It contains bitter family rivalries, unexpected betrayals, a nasty and manipulative villain, lies and deceit, and perhaps a horrifying hanging…or two. For fans of dark works, it’s delicious! Naturally, this project only succeeds if what we create is appealing to someone who doesn’t care at all about games. If you’re a film buff, it’s crucial we create a work you find compelling on its own merits, and we believe we can do just that.

Funding period
Jul 23, 2013 – Aug 21, 2013
Kickstarter: The Devil Walks In Salem

I can’t wait to see both of these projects funded and completed!

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