GenCon Event Listing Revealed

With Event Registration just 9 days away, the event listing has finally been revealed so people can begin working out their dream itinerary for the Best Four Days In Gaming.  I would have posted about this sooner, since its already been a couple days since the list was opened to the world, but I was planning my events <smile>.

I have gone through the daily offerings at least 20 times already, trying to scope out what would be ideal and then my alternates should one of you people get in my way by taking a slot before I get it!  Back Off!  Seriously though, I can hopefully get in on some of the game reveals and seminars I have lined up so I can post the things I’ve planned for this website.  I will be wired and ready to post updates throughout the day and each night/morning to try to bring those that are unable to go the best coverage I can.

I have booked games, mostly exclusive GenCon only stuff that would make it worthwhile to cover.  In addition I am attending events for some new games, like the Pathfinder Card Game being released at GenCon this year.  Lastly, I’ll be taking my son along as he couldn’t be kept away by a small army, so that means I’ll be covering a few kid’s events/games as well.

So, if you live in a cave and haven’t seen it yet… take a look at the GenCon event listing for 2013.  Just remember, keep your fingers off my events!  Mine!  Back off!


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