Give Me My Character Sheet!

A few days ago I was given the opportunity to join in a game of 1st Edition D&D and so I went digging through my gaming stuff to get what few things I have from that edition.  I realized I didn’t have any blank character sheets I could photocopy in order to bring along, so naturally I turned to the interwebs.  Wow, there are tons of character sheets out there!  But not all character sheets are created equilly.

My first search led me to scans of originally sheets in jpeg format which I found too blury when I printed them.  I wanted something crisp and clean while staying true to the original prints from TSR.  There were quite a few nice custom sheets out there, fillable pdfs and generic D&D pdfs that were very much like the D&D 3.5 sheet.  Again, I was feeling nastalgic and wanted to relive those days from the 80s with a character sheet with that same look and feel.

Then came along two great websites that solved my problem and more; and also has a nice inventory of character sheets but for my specific needs this time what they had was just too blury. has clear scans of original Dungeons and Dragons character sheets the print our pretty nicely.  They also have a HUGE selection of sheets from a ton of games as well as various handouts, adventure log sheets, npc sheets, maps, etc.  All free and nicely scanned. specializes in producing high quality reproductions of some of your favorite game’s character sheets.  There are dozens of top-quality character sheets in pdf format, freely available for download and printing.  I found the sheet I eventually ended up using from this site and it is absolutely awesome!  You can select various layers within the pdf to adjust the stat blocks and labels depending on the class of your character (see my screenshots).  You can’t beat that!


I was instantly addicted and ended up clicking through their list of my favorite games and grabbing some great looking sheets for Gamma World, Castles & Crusades and Traveller.

So if you’re in the need of some nice character sheets that stay true to those from the good ‘ol days, you can’t go wrong heading over to any one of these websites.  If you’re able, consider throwing them a bone for their valuable contribution to our awesome hobby!

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