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Todd VanHooser is an author and has written numerous short stories, a horror collection, fantasy novels, and designed a table-top roleplaying game based on his series, The Laughing Moon Chronicles.  The Laughing Moon role-playing game is a story-based, character driven RPG, similar in style to D&D where players have a variety of skills that help define their characters without limiting them to a single “class.”

Adventures Under the Laughing Moon Role-Playing Game

Skills, magic, occupations and creature concepts are very open for player input.  This is a story based game designed to accompany the Laughing Moon Chronicles fantasy series.  It’s a quick and easy adventure setting for new players with a system designed to support a story created by the game master.

This is Todd’s very first Kickstarter and “The Ragged Man” is his first stand-alone adventure module for his table top role-playing game.  Not only an adventure, he is claiming it will also be designed as both a supplement and an expansion.

The story is a blend of fantasy and horror where players are able to enter the Laughing Moon world and affect the outcome of the story through dice rolls and decisions based on the characters they have chosen to play. The adventure is written with all player types in mind. Whether this be a first-time player, or an experienced veteran gamer, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The idea was to create a game that would be fun to play, and a story that would be fun to read.

The Ragged Man Module

The Ragged Man adventure opens with the player characters trapped in a gypsy camp, surrounded by a mysterious bank of fog. During the night they hear the legend of the ragged man, as told by one of the gypsies and discover the tragic origins of this tale. For centuries the Ragged Man, a vengeful spirit that appears in scarecrow form, has haunted these lands in a mindless search for his lost children. The adventure takes players on a chase to save the gypsy camp by battling hideous creatures that are part man, part raven, a coven of vampires known as the Sullen Ones, a treacherous enemy masquerading as a friend, minions of the powerful and mysterious Raven Duchess, and the Ragged Man himself. The interior of the book will feature artwork by Scott Alan Gregory. His unique style will bring to life characters and creatures in a way never before seen. Designs include new monsters, gypsy fortune tellers, the Raven Duchess, specific scenes from the story, and of course the Ragged Man himself.

I just love the artwork/style (credit artist Scott Alan Gregory) and dark feel to this adventure, definitely sounds like something I’d like to be a player in and want to see come to fruition.  If his project is funded the final product will contain around 50 full color pages including the adventure story, Scott’s excellent artwork, stats and write-ups for new characters and monsters.

Stretch goals include expanding the book beyond 60 pages and adding additional player characters.  Todd is already off to a good start in only his second day after launching this Kickstarter, so backers are hopefully going to see some of his stretch goals obtained.

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Funding ends: Mar 21, 2013

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