D&D – Original Edition Premium Reprint

Wizards has found another way to get me in trouble at home and suck money out of my wallet, damn you WoTC!  They’ve announced release of a premium, deluxe edition of the original D&D “White Box” set for late 2013.  Looking at the picture they posted on their website, this looks like one sweet reproduction and is definitely going to be on my Christmas wishlist!

The original Dungeons & Dragons boxed set was published by TSR, Inc. in 1974 and was the very first roleplaying game, introducing concepts that have persisted throughout later editions. It included three small rules booklets in a white box.

This deluxe, premium reprint of the original “White Box” features new packaging and includes the following seven booklets (plus, reference sheets):

  • Volume 1: Men & Magic
  • Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure
  • Volume 3: Underworld & Wilderness Adventures
  • Supplement I: Greyhawk
  • Supplement II: Blackmoor
  • Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry
  • Supplement IV: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes

Each booklet features new cover art but is otherwise a faithful reproduction of the original, including original interior art.

The set is scheduled to be released in November 2013 at a MSRP of $149, a pricey collector’s piece but definitely a nice addition to the D&D enthusiast.

Visit Wizard’s site for more info.

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