Kickstarter Pick – Broken Earth

I’m a sucker for Post Apocalyptic movies and games so this week’s Kickstarter Pick should come as no surprise, Broken Earth from Sneak Attack Press.  Matthew Hanson, the game’s designer, is no stranger to RPGs and has written Zeitgeist #3: Digging for Lies for EN World Publishing and adventures for Green Ronin and Expeditions Retreat Press.

Broken Earth is a Pathfinder compatible sandbox adventure where players become wasteland scavengers, tribal nomads or shelter dwellers who’ve spent their entire lives underground.

Illustration by Joyce Maureira

The PCs are tasked with exploring the remains of upper Midwest and helping to rebuild a civilized society.  The heroes discover pre-war ruins, fight mutant monsters, and uncover lost secrets. As their settlement grows they start to bring peace and stability to the region, but they also attract the attention of the other remnants of civilization. Some of these communities offer alliances and trade opportunities, while others see the PCs land as plump territory ripe for conquer.

In addition to the adventure, Broken Earth will also feature a Player’s Guide to help players create heroes that fit into a post-apocalyptic setting. The guide will feature new races, archetypes, traits, and psionics.

Broken Earth uses modified versions of the exploration and kingdom building rules presented in Ultimate Campaign, a Pathfinder book scheduled for release in May 2013.  Depending on backing level, the completed project will come in either PDF or soft cover copies and estimated delivery is January 2014.

They are looking to raise a modest $3,500 and have already raised close to $2,700 as of this posting with just 19 days left to go in their Kickstarter campaign.  If you’re in it for the stretch goals, they have a few definitely worth a look:

$4,250 – The Adventure expands to 80 pages, giving the players more territory to explore.

$5,000 – The Adventure expands to 96 page and we add a hardcover option to the rewards levels.

$6,500 -The Player’s Guide expands to 32 pages and we will commission a separate cover for the Player’s Guide (by Malcolm McClinton).

$8,000 – The Adventure expands to 128 pages, and we initiate an open call for the Adventure. In the open call, any backer will be able to submit monsters, enemy NPCs, or encounter locations to be considered for the book. If accepted,the backers will be credited for their work and paid industry competitive rates.

You can also download a Broken Earth Preview to get a small glimpse at one of the small communities from Broken Earth’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.  More previews are scheduled for release throughout the Kickstarter campaign so keep checking the project or visit

This project ends on March 5th, 2013.


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