Roleplayers Chronicle Releases 2nd Issue

The 2nd issue of Roleplayers Chronicle year magazine has just been released and definitely worth a look if you haven’t picked up an issue before.  Their website ( is a cornerstone in the RPG community and they bring that wealth of knowledge and experience to each issue of their magazine.

The new issue contains two new full-length adventures and is currently available as PDF but they do provide a Print-on-Demand version that should be available later this month.

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #2

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #2 [PDF: $4.95 | POD (Coming): $8.95 | POD/PDF (Coming Soon): $9.95]

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue #2 were previously released as standalone products. Except for minor changes to layout, they are the same, but offered as a single product instead of five standalone publications.

Roleplayers Chronicle is a premium offering from the Roleplayers Chronicle news website and dedicated to supporting the entire tabletop role-playing industry. This second issue contains game content and journalistic articles.

The Roleplayers Chronicle magazine is a yearly publication designed to support the Roleplayers Chronicle website at

Roleplayers Chronicle Issue 2 includes:

  • Head to Head to Head Comparison:
    • A space opera comparison of Dark Heresy, Fading Suns, and HELLAS.
  • Ripped from the Headlines Systemless Adventures:
    • Mission Interleumab-3: A cyberpunk adventure module.
  • Divergent Paths Historical Recreation (OGL):
    • The Battle of Actium: Go back to the 1st Century BC and
      change the course of history.
  • OGL Adventures:
    • From the Shadows: A lengthy adventure for Clockwork & Chivalry.
  • Featured Reviews
    • Three showcased reviews from Roleplayers Chronicle.

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