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Very often I find many cool rpg and tabletop game projects being pitched on Kickstarter and want to post about them, but stop myself simply because I have mixed feelings about the whole Kickstarter thing.  On one hand, its a great way for struggling companies and game designers to get products to us and grow our hobby that otherwise likely wouldn’t happen.  On the other hand, it is also somewhat abused as a marketing tool by others to promote projects/products that would likely go forward with or without Kickstarter funding.  It seems like everybody and their mother are pitching something on Kickstarter these days, I feel like I’m shopping on instead of helping someone realize a dream whenever I visit the site.

However, it is for those that I feel truly have their heart in the right place and are trying to bring us something worthy of our investment and would not be able to do so without our support that I would like to start presenting my “Kickstarter Pick of Week”.  I think we can all agree that helping aspiring companies, writers or designers bring new and interesting games or products to our beloved hobby is a in our best interest.

To start, I’d like to draw attention to a couple Kickstarter projects running at the moment, although they aren’t the ideal example of the small guy trying to realize his dream.  Since they are trying to fund Free RPG Day products which ultimately may expand or bring new people to our tables, they deserve a mention.

One of my first experiences with Pathfinder was through a Free RPG Day adventure and coincedently the 2 Kickstarters currently running are also for Pathfinder:

Temple of the Forbidden God, A NeoExodus Adventure for Pathfinder RPG

Temple of the Forbidden God adventure will serve as the second introductory level adventure and showcase of the NeoExodus: A House Divided campaign setting and its unique differences from all the other gaming campaigns on the market for Pathfinder. NeoExodus has proven to be exceptional and unique with their expansion into and organized play campaign called NeoExodus: Legacies.

Funding Goal: $2,500
Ending: Sunday, Mar 17


Better Than Any Man Adventure for Pathfinder RPG

Any adventure that starts off with a warning due to sex, violence and heavy metal is well worth a look!

In the middle of a catastrophic war, one group of women has taken control of a ravaged city and declared “No more war.” Deposing the ruling elite and establishing their own government, they have made enemies of everyone in power – the Emperor on his far-off throne, the invading army, and the religious and merchant classes of their own city – while the impoverished masses support none of them. Events are in motion that cannot be stopped, but the final outcome of these events will be decided by an unlikely group of adventurers who stumble upon the situation at just the wrong time.

Better than Any Man details what happens when the Player Characters stumble into a situation on the verge of a complete breakdown. Will they get involved? Who will they support? Will they survive? Will they find a way to profit in this ruined state?

If they reach they’re goal, this will be a PDF only release for Free RPG Day, but if they exceed it and reach an ultimate stretch goal of $15k, they hope to put print copies in stores for June 16th.  That would be cool.

Funding Goal: $2,500
Ending: Wednesday, Feb 20th

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