Netrunner Video Tutorial

One of the fastest disappearing releases at GenCon 2012 had to have been the Netrunner card game by Fantasy Flight Games.  Unfortunately, I had such limited time at GenCon 2012, I completely missed the opportunity to sit down and try the game myself but I did manage to spend a few minutes watching some people learn the game.

Netrunner is a collectible card game, designed by Richard Garfield, the mastermind behind Magic: The Gathering.  The draws from the Cyberpunk genre and is based heavily on the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG.  As one would expect from FFG, the production quality of the game, especially the artwork, is exceptional.

Players across the globe are jacking into the high-stakes cyberstruggles of Android: Netrunner, the two-player Living Card Game® set in a dystopian, cyberpunk future where monolithic megacorps own and control the vast majority of human interests. While corporation players try to score points by advancing their agendas, they have to guard their intellectual properties from the elite and subversive hackers known as runners.

FFG has produced a nice tutorial for those new to the game or new to collectible card games, making it easier to join this hugely popular game.


Visit Fantasy Flight’s website to learn more!

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