Rebuild EN World

In December 2012 one of the cornerstones of the RPG community was hacked, briefly devastating gamers that relied on the website for more than just its vast wealth of information.  The hacking resulted in some data loss but more importantly code loss and securing the site will apparently be quite a task.

EN World is run by Russ Morrissey (Morrus) with money out of his own pocket and donations from the many fans of his site.  Faced with the costs of rebuilding his site securely, to avoid having it hacked immediately upon restoring it, if he’d chose not to address the vulnerabilities in the existing code, he was forced to turn to Kickstarter.

The community has responded and he’s already exceeded his goal and is well into the stretch goals but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider investing.  There are some great stretch goals in there and lots of features to be added or improved on the site.  The Kickstarter goes until the 14th of February, so that means there is going to be quite a bit of “stretch”.

It should be mentioned that Kickstarter doesn’t normally allow fundraising for websites but they reconsidered in this case because of the community aspect involved.  I have to say, seeing the reaction of the RPG community and the willingness to chip in by so many of you makes me feel good to be a member.

Rebuild EN World Kickstarter

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