D&D Collector Series Miniatures

Gale Force 9 has released their long awaited line of collector Dungeons and Dragons miniatures this month, the first in a series of collections to be released this year.  They are marketing the new line as premium models sculpted by some of the very best names in the business and additionally that only the highest quality resin is being used.   If you take a look at the pictures posted here or on their website, you’ll that the models definitely do look to be excellent.   Of course they miniatures are not pre-painted and there is some assembly required before you can add them to your latest campaign.

The miniatures are released in the 30mm scale, and are released in specialty themed sets and creatures that fit with the D&D release schedule.  From their announcement;  “We have drawn on the vast array of artwork and worked closely with the D&D creative team to choose and pose great models to stimulate the enthusiast, painter and collector alike.”

Notable here is that these sets are being produced in limited quantities to insure their appeal to the avid collectors, typically between 1,000 and 2,000 count per set.  So if these collections tickle your fancy, you likely don’t want to spend to much time trying to decide on picking them up as you may miss the boat.

Released in January:

  • Drow War Party (71001)
  • Illithid Raiding Party (71002)
  • Eye Tyrant (71006)
  • Purple Worm (71007)

Again, the current releases are just the start with still more ready to be released very soon; “Lolth in Spider Form, your first Dragon and Giant and a dark skinned ranger and famous wizard as well. We have only just started with this range but have the first dozen projects almost complete so stay tuned for more images and information as we surprise you every month with what we have planned.”

Check your local retailer or Gale Force 9 for more information or to order your limited set today.

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