Veil of Truth – Human Nature

Eridanus Books has released their first supplement for their alternate earth setting.  Since I’ve been playing and running quite a bit of Pathfinder lately, this new addition is pretty exciting.  Read more details from the release below.

It was in the late years of the 21st Century, while Humanity was immersed in a new Cold War, that we stumbled upon them. We were not alone. Worse: we had been under supervision by aliens for centuries, considered too primitive to handle the truth.

And we soon proved them right.

Earth plunged into chaos. Nations shattered, religions split, revolts consumed the world. Thousands died and the face of the planet changed.

But humans are adaptable. We survived and we forced ourselves into Galactic Society. We were the Galaxy’s underdeveloped species, the inferior race, the second-rate citizen.

They’ll have to learn to live with us.

Veil of Truth: Human Nature is a sourcebook about Humankind and Sol System for the Veil of Truth campaign setting for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! Inside you will find:

* Humankind’s timeline

* Information on every one of Sol’s planets and their status in the mid-22nd century

* Detailed information on Earth’s main governments and corporate states

* Humanity’s exploits outside Sol: the ocean-world of Toliman, mercenary units and alien-worshiping religion

* New equipment

* 4 new monsters and 1 automata


Now available on DriveThruRPG: Veil of Truth – Human Nature

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