The Secret World Open Beta


If you follow this site at all you know how much I have been anticipating the release of this game.  I have been following it for nearly 5 years and salivating over every bit of news I could dig up.  You might also have noticed that I have been quiet about the game lately.  This is because I was fortunate enough to get chosen for Closed Beta and therefore subject to the NDA I was required to sign.

Open beta starts tomorrow (May 11th) for those that wisely pre-ordered the game, which is being reported to be over 1 million gamers expected to take part this weekend!  Since I am currently playing a different version than what will be available to testers in Open Beta, I am going to refrain from making any other comments about the game so I don’t risk violating the NDA in any way.  However, once open beta starts tomorrow I will join in and be sure to take some screenshots and in-game video to post here for the masses.

If you haven’t looked at this game yet, you have to!  So far my experience has been excellent and I can say the wait was worth it.  Give it a try and pick up the game June 19th – then message me to join our Cabal!

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