RPG Podcasts: What are you listening to?

The last year I’ve been searching for podcasts to listen to on my daily commute to work, gravitating towards those that talk about my hobby; RPGs.  At first I used my Android application, Podkicker, to try to locate RPG related podcasts but it returned only a few, and most of them were no longer recording.  Of course I tried Googling to add a few more to my list but it wasn’t until I found that I finally hit the motherload.

If you’re looking for a little escape or something RPG related to listen to, I’ve put together a short list of some of my favorites:

HappyJack PodcastI just started listening to this one a couple weeks ago so it is still a bit new to me.  That said, from the very beginning of the first episode I listened to, I knew I had found a good one.  Stu, Stork and the other co-hosts cover a good range of RPGs and related topics.  From what I’ve listened to so far they are DM focused discussions, but there is plenty for players.  They have a great sense of humor and their passion for gaming comes through the transmission.  RSS Feed

GamerstableGood times with the many hosts; Eric, Mike, Dan, Mark, Jayson and Shawn.  Episodes are typically 35-40 minutes and can cover a wide range of games and game topics with an occasional rant thrown in here or there.  They have a long history of gaming, one that actually mirrors my own.  Their latest episode (Ep. 42)was a great reflection on gaming and what we as gamers draw from it.  Absolutely worth a listen.  RSS Feed

Too Long, Didn't ListenFound this one through  Two topics in 30 minutes, quick and simple.  However they may get off topic here and there leaving one topic to get the focus and have to play catchup at the end.  Since it is on the MMOReporter you can guess it is mostly MMO focused discussions but don’t most of us play some sort of MMO as well?  TLDL Podcast

Fear the BootChad, Chris, Dan, Pat and Wayne are the regular hosts of the show which can run an hour when they get going.  Sky is the limit as they cover everything from running your own campaign to how to bring your significant other into your game.  I always walk away from listening to their show with something new to bring to my table.  Great information and an entertaining listen.  RSS Feed.

Long running podcast hosted by Eric Summerer and Tom Vasel.   Together with their many guests on the show, these guys have an amazing wealth of knowledge in gaming.  They discuss card and board games in addition to RPGs.  They present the latest news and do regular, very thorough, reviews of games both new and old.  They never fail to impress me with their knowledge of some of the most obscure games.  If you are a big gamer, especially if your interests span board and card games, you should have this one on your list without question.  RSS Feed

Exemplary DM PodcastSince I struggle as a DM, and can always use inspiration and tips, I found this podcast dedicated to dungeon masters to fit my needs.  Each episode focuses on different parts of running a RPG, from game mechanics to story ideas.  I’ve found myself taking notes during episodes and archived a few for future reference.  Unfortunately the series isn’t as regular as I’d like, but quality vs. quantity perhaps.  RSS Feed

This list is by no means complete, I am sure everyone has a favorite that isn’t represented above and I welcome you to post a link to them in the comment section below.  However, if you haven’t listened to one on this list I highly recommend you give it some time in your schedule.

I feel fortunate having people out there taking time from their lives to create these audio streams covering a hobby I enjoy so much.  Having toyed with podcasting myself, I know how much hard work goes into creating something worth listening to.  So great stuff, please keep it going and I look forward to each and every show!

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