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For many MMO players the recent Star Wars MMO was going to be their “hot new time suck”, but I’m a Secret World cultist that is counting the minutes until its released.  Everyone seems to believe it will be April 2012, and that’s what you’ll see most sites quoting, but I’m not sure it will be that soon.  Regardless, I’ve started to get the nervous twitches and stutters from lack of Secret World updates so I had to go scavenging the web in search of the latest tidbits.

Ragnar Tornquist and Funcom keep the videos coming, most recently with a short look into the Blue Mountain location (above).  I’m sure anyone who follows the game have watched the faction videos and have already made a decision on where they belong (Illuminati, thank you).  I really like their use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which Ragnar suggests in his latest video will be used in the game to link reality with game play.

What we know?

  • Currently in Closed Beta (no date for open beta)
  • No player death, characters lose consciousness and your spirit roams “a shadow world”,  which may involve dreams or actual missions before regaining consciousness.
  • Some missions will have links to the “real world” requiring players to do investigative work via an in game browser.
  • Some in-game characters have social media accounts, giving them a sense of realism.
  • No levels or classes (we knew this already) but “builds” are also swappable which they state removes any need for alts (other than faction differences), allowing you to switch “roles” (ie; dps, tank, healer)
  • Unclear on characters per server (see bullet above).
  • Flash-based UI that they will eventually open up for customization by player community.
  • Nothing new on crafting… it does exist but not revealing/developing it at the moment
  • Focus on PC version but they are looking at console versions which would be released later and not connected to the PC version (which he says will be released in 2012).

I’m not sure how much longer I can wait on this release, especially having April 2012 thrown in my face any time I look for “release dates” while knowing this is highly unlikely.  I just hope its worth the wait when it finally comes out, the mmo-gamer in me can’t handle another letdown.

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