Will 4e Die with DnD”Next”?

Unless you’ve been trapped on an island with Wilson the last couple months you mostly likely know Wizards has announced DnD 5e or, as some are calling it, DnDNext.  I knew this was going to happen soon because I have finally accumulated all the 4e books except the Eberron Campaign setting and maybe one or two others.


DNDNext or 5e?

So during my Sunday play group, we’re running a DnD 3.5 campaign, I brought up the topic as I hadn’t heard any of their opinions yet.  They were pretty pessimistic about what the end product would be like but mostly gravitated towards talk about the death of 4th edition.  Within the community I hear everyone talking about eBaying their 4e books, one guy has already cleared out his collection and has everything up for sale.  All the negativity had me thinking, “crap, I just finished collecting the books..what the hell am I doing?  I just wasted a ton of money!”.

Did I really?  Are all those books worthless now?  In my mind they’re not but maybe I’m fooling myself.  I understand the 4e haters, well not really, but I understand the common points they make;  too rigid ruleset/not enough flexibility, take control away from the DM, too combat heavy, overly simplified, etc.  Does this mean the system has no place in realm of DnD releases though?  I would hope so, at least for my investment’s sake. Anyway, as the DM don’t you get final say, I thought that’s what House Rules are for?

I’m going to try to hold on to my books and hope I can still manage to muster players together for a campaign every so often.  I hope there is a place for 4e from time to time, a break from 3.5 and “DnDNext”.  After all sometimes its nice to have something simple to go to, quickly throw something together and play a bit with friends.

From estimates around the web it looks like we’ll have a couple years to wait and see what the final product will be like.  At least until then I’ll try to get some mileage out of my 4th edition collection and hopefully even beyond 5e’s release.

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