Mongoose – State of Mongoose

Matthew Sprange of Mongoose posted the “State of Mongoose” year end review on their site today, causing perhaps a small buzz in the RPG universe.  I definitely was surprised by a few announcements and speculations.

A little concerning was Matt’s perspective regarding the RPG market, stating the market has a “pulse but that is about all can be said for it”.  Personally I thought the market was actually going through a sort of revival and I’m hoping it to be the case.

Matt also speculates that we will see the release of D&D 5e in 2013.  He doesn’t give any reason or justification for the comment, only “Let’s just say certain stars align at that time.”  Since I’ve finally just about collected everything 4e, it wouldn’t surprise me they’d come out with 5e.

Of course you can’t talk about a Mongoose press release without talking about Traveller.  Thankfully it remains strong as noted by Matt and he went on to list quite a few releases in the pipeline.  Firstly a new core rulebook, many supplements and Gareth Hanrahan will return with another campaign release.

To read the complete “State of Mongoose”, visit Mongoose Publishing.

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