Traveller Bestiary?

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you probably know I have been working on a lengthy campaign for Mongoose Traveller, which I intend to offer as a download here.  While I haven’t given many updates lately I am still hard at work on the project, always finding new things to slow me down.  The latest hurdle I’ve encountered is bestiary.

MGT – Animal Encounters

Pathfinder - Bestiary

Players of Dungeons and Dragons should know they are spoiled.  When a dungeon master decides to inject an encounter for his/her players they can simply pull out one of the many Monster Manuals and thumb through the vast selection of creatures to punish his players.  What do Traveller GMs have you may ask?  We have Supplement 11 – Animal Encounters!  No, there are no specific creatures, no pictures or any hooks.  Animal Encounters is essentially a chart of animal types (ie; gatherer, herbivore, carnivore, etc), which could realistically be put into a simple Excel spreadsheet.

To be honest this is the story for most of the Traveller books.  They lack the sexiness of other chains; D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Gamma World, etc.   How I long for an illustrated Traveller Creature Catalog filled full of colorful exotic alien wildlife with rich backgrounds and hooks.  Why stop with just a creature feature?  Do the same for worlds, ships and non-player characters to revitalize some of the older books.

Dagon Worshipper from Witcher

In this age of cut-backs, everyone being stingy with their dollar, you have to give people more bang for their buck.  Mongoose, publishing most new Traveller content, needs to bring the series inline with the competition to be the least bit competitive in the RPG market.  Face it, if I have a choice to spend $29 on a full color, creature-rich monster manual or a text-filled hard-covered spreadsheet, I’m getting the bling!

That being said, since I know my dream won’t be answered anytime soon, I’ve started working on my own private Traveller Creature Catalog.  I am not an illustrator so the images aren’t what they could be but maybe I’ll get lucky and find someone to collaborate with and end up with something worth releasing to those who may be interested.

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