Economy Ruining My Game

The economy is the hot topic for years now, everyone is struggling; job losses, home foreclosures, gas prices skyrocketing and slowing retail sales.   We’ve all felt it in one way or another, whether we ourselves have lost a job or home perhaps we have a friend or relative that has.  I know I myself have reduced spending, found myself being more frugal in my daily living.  However, through all my changes and cut-backs I at least always had my weekly D&D Encounters session and Sunday campaign at my local comic book store.

That all ended this month as the economy took another victim, my local comic store.  The owner told me sales had been steadily dropping since the economy started taking a nose dive, to the point where he was forced to close his dream.   He told me about his regular customers cutting back because they’d either lost their job or were themselves struggling, directly affecting his business.  Recent pushes to take comics digital was also not very motivating for him to keep trudging along hoping for a turnaround.

The last month, as he held a ‘going out of business’ sale, I heard customer after customer voicing their sadness.  Unfortunately for everyone, the nearest alternative is a good 45 minute to one hour drive.  It is even worse if you want to join an Encounters game or find a store that hosts any RPG games, for me it is 1.5 hours to the nearest game.  Hard to believe a store with a captive audience was struggling so bad, but when your customers are themselves struggling it becomes completely understandable.

The first Wednesday without my Encounters game was depressing, like coming home from work expecting your dog to welcome you at the door only to remember he died the day before.   I actually considered trying to make an Encounters game, the nearest one, that is about 30 miles away (one-way) but with a child on the way and needing to be frugal it is hard to justify the travel expense (and travel time).

So now I’m looking online for games using virtual tabletops and hopefully starting my own neighborhood gaming group.  So thanks to sites like Obsidian Portal and for helping gamers locate each other.  You can also start games or advertise games here as we’d like to also help anyone in need of finding a game.

Support your local game and comic retailers, we all benefit from your efforts!

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