King of RPGs – Volume 2 Review

Shesh Maccabee is back and he can’t keep that WoW monkey off his back.   King of RPGs Volume 2 picks up right where Volume 1 left off, taking us on another high octane wild ride with Shesh’s alter ego, Moggrathka.

If you haven’t read Volume 1, King of RPGs introduced us to the world of hardcore computer gamer Shesh Maccabee, recently banned by court order from playing online games. Shesh’s problem is he gets so submersed in his gaming experiences he slips into another personality, whether the game is World of Warfare or Mages & Monsters, often with disastrous results. During his freshman year of college Shesh meets Theodore Dudek, game master extraordinaire, and it doesn’t take long for his alter ego to emerge and the crazy adventures to begin.

The second volume continues as Shesh tries to stay away from RPGs by focusing on school and work.  Thankfully, as you would guess, his inner gamer soon takes over and he relapses, falling deep into the online universe of World of Warfare. This time however, WoW executives have devised a plan to rid the game of Moggrathka with an all-or-nothing showdown at world’s largest gaming convention.

King of RPG - Volume 2 Sample Page

King of RPG - Volume 2, Sample Page

Jason Thompson and Victor Hao do an excellent job bringing RPGs to the world of manga comics with an obvious passion for the classic tabletop RPG and its modern lovechild, the MMORPG. Volume 2 is filled with “geek culture” inside jokes, movie and anime references and delicious bits of WoW culture. If you’ve ever rolled a d20, been ganked by a level 85 while killing Yeti’s in the Hillsbrad Foothills or you happen to know what a gold farmer is, then King of RPGs was written just for you. What I love most about this series is that it brings the tabletop and MMO worlds together, hopefully causing those who’ve only played MMOs to pick up a d20 and open themselves to the rich world of tabletop role playing that I grew up with. World of Warcraft was great in that it brought me back to tabletop RPGs after more than a decade absence, but King of RPGs keeps the fire burning and my inner nerd hungry for more.  So as a player I have to give a big thank you to Jason Thompson and Victor Hao for complimenting my little universe with this gem, I look forward to Volume 3!

Volume 2 is available from book sellers online including and BooksAMillion as well as your local Borders, Barnes and Noble and Walmart.  You can read more of Jason Thompson’s work and view sample pages of the comic at the website.

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