Gliese 20.5: Planet Details Revealed

Ship over Gliese

Spacecraft over Gliese

Having worked diligently the last few weeks to complete the planet design for my Traveller campaign setting, I realized I was overdue for an update on my progress.  I have to be careful not to reveal too many details so I don’t spoil the mysteries of the planet, so don’t expect too much information in this article.

Excerpt from the campaign intro:

The Imperial year 1110 (Terran 5631 AD), the Fifth Frontier War between the Zhodani and the Imperium has just ended.  Although the war was brief compared to the previous Frontier Wars, the disruption of galactic commerce has been devastating and world economies are continuing to suffer.  Privateers have taken the opportunity to amass wealth through employment from the wealthier inhabitants of struggling worlds by transporting sought after goods.  For those willing to assume the risk, the largest gains come from transport of illegal cargo; exotic liquors, drugs and slaves.

…you’ve joined your wartime commander to run cargo, with no questions asked, for the highest bidder.

The Planet:

Gliese Swampland

Sunset on Gliese


Composed primarily of water and water based lifeforms, Gliese is a Tech Level 6 [Industrial age] planet.  The planet is composed of about 85% water, the northern pole area comprised mostly of glaciers due to its permanent position away from the sun.  The atmosphere is breathable but thin compared to Earth…

How does your party of opportunists end up on the remote unexplored planet of Gliese?  What secrets does the planet hold?  What sort of life hides within the planets vast swamps and wetlands?  Can your party master the mysteries, the inhabitants and the environment?

Gliese 20.5 Epic Traveller Campaign!  More to come!

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