Traveller Campaign: Gliese 20.5 Update


Having targeted sometime in May as a release date for my Traveller RPG campaign I figured I was due to at least provide an update since apparently the release will be delayed.  The campaign is still in development, with many small details left to be worked out and the main alien race that I’ve created just isn’t fulfilling what I had envisioned initially.

I have spent more time than I expected researching worlds and trying to bring some uniqueness to this adventure.  Since I am creating an undiscovered planet and system, the alien races inhabiting the world I felt had to be unique too.  Initially everything I tried to create ended up being something from the depths of my mind that I had seen in some movie or an episode of Doctor Who.  I didn’t want the player to react to these new races with, “Oh, he stole that from Star Trek!”.  Hopefully I’ve come up with something that won’t warrant that sort of reaction.

Gliese 581 G

In addition, the world needed to have some elements of uniqueness and this I am still working and reworking to try to bring a feeling of true discovery and mystery.  I’ve recently gathered many new and fresh ideas by reading actual scientific articles about real planets, both factual and speculative.  This has rekindled the spark and also led to me revamping much of what I’d already designed for the host of my campaign.

In summary, I decided I wanted to make sure the final product is truly something I would be comfortable putting out to the masses instead of just trying to put out what I had because I had committed to a date.  I hope when I post the campaign for Traveller RPG players to download that people will feel it was worth the time I’ve put into it.  We’ll have to wait and see!


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