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Like most players I am always on the lookout for things that will make my gaming a little bit easier.  Lately I’ve been hunting down things that might help with character generation.  I know that Wizards of the Coast have their tools online, which requires a subscription.  To be honest, I’m cheap and with all my other subscriptions I don’t really want to add another.

I started out looking for something I thought of and figured must already exist; an online tool that will generate character power cards.  The closest I came to discovering one was a template file in pdf format that you can use to input each specific power (pdf is here).  Not really what I wanted but maybe helpful for someone.  I was hoping to find some sort of database utility that you could use to select the powers your character has and it would auto-generate the power cards for you to print.  Perhaps that will be my next project, create a tool on this website so you can generate power cards.

While my search didn’t turn up what I was looking for, I did find some useful tools and additions that other DnD players might find useful:

  • Phoenix Character Sheet – Character creation tool packed with features and its free!
  • Pheonix Encounter Manager – Since we liked his character tool, why not mention his encounter tool that helps DMs manage large encounters by lessening the work it takes to track initiate, curses, poisons, etc.  Another great free tool.
  • 4e Power Toolkit – Create your own races, classes, powers and power cards.
  • Ander00’s Power Cards – A nice PDF containing all the power cards.
  • Random Treasure Generator – Players like treasure! 🙂
  • 4e Random Encounter Generator – Your party takes the path to the left and you encounter…
  • Virtual Table Tops – Now this is something I was going to do a complete article about but maybe after reading this I won’t have to.  If you are considering distance gaming, read this article.

If you know of any other great tools, please post about them in the comments or add your own article!  I will continue to look for a resource to collect all the Power details for DnD Essentials.  Should I find a comprehensive data source then I can go about putting together a nice online tool for creating the power cards you need for your character.  Oh but to dream.

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