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Design Your Own D&D Encounter?

If you think you’re up for it, WOTC is holding a D&D Encounter Design Contest.  To participate in the contest you just have to submit your best idea (200 word limit) for a D&D encounter for characters levels 10-12. Be sure to include any monsters, traps, and challenges, as well as a map for your encounter.  Additionally the encounter must fit within the The Fall of Neverwinter theme (see... read more

D&D 5e?

Like many others, I am an old school D&D gamer having first rolled a d20 in 1979.  D&D opened the door to so many other great gaming experiences; Gamma World, Traveller and even all those great tabletop strategy games from Avalon Hill.  D&D taught me there was more to tabletop gaming than Shoots & Ladders or Monopoly.  Unfortunately, as with many others, life soon took over and my... read more

D&D on TV

The TV show Community (NBC) aired a 2-part episode featuring the cast playing D&D.  Some gamers might be offended but I thought it was pretty funny.  Take a peak: read more

Enjoying a Role Playing Game

I have been an avid fan of role playing games since I was very young. I can remember getting my hands on the original Dungeons & Dragons rpg very long ago. This opened a world of fantasy, imagination and creativity for me. I can remember the hours upon hours I spent engulfed in this game. Role playing games appeal to a creative person with an active imagination. These games give you the ability to... read more
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