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Will 4e Die with DnD”Next”?

Unless you’ve been trapped on an island with Wilson the last couple months you mostly likely know Wizards has announced DnD 5e or, as some are calling it, DnDNext.  I knew this was going to happen soon because I have finally accumulated all the 4e books except the Eberron Campaign setting and maybe one or two others. So during my Sunday play group, we’re running a DnD 3.5 campaign, I brought... read more

Underdark Coming to DDO

Just when you thought you’d heard all the D&D news!  Dungeons and Dragons Online will start players down the path to the Underdark with Update 13 coming in February.  The Menace of the Underdark is the title of the big expansion hitting DDO as the MMO enters its’ 6th year.  Players will go up against Lloth, the Spider Goddess of the Dark Elves in this Forgotten Realms setting. Still want... read more

2012 Starting Strong For D&D

2012 appears to be starting out with a bang with news this month coming from Wizards.  In an announcement by Mike Mearls on January 9th, Mearls acknowledges that development of the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons has begun.  Interestingly they appear to be asking fans to help shape the new version which ought to set the forums afire with debate. I commend Wizards in what appears to be a sincere... read more

Economy Ruining My Game

The economy is the hot topic for years now, everyone is struggling; job losses, home foreclosures, gas prices skyrocketing and slowing retail sales.   We’ve all felt it in one way or another, whether we ourselves have lost a job or home perhaps we have a friend or relative that has.  I know I myself have reduced spending, found myself being more frugal in my daily living.  However, through all my... read more

Madness at Gardmore Abbey

Coming later this month, Wizards of the Coast will soon be releasing a super adventure for Dungeons and Dragons called Madness at Gardmore Abbey. Suitable for levels 6-10, Madness at Gardmore Abbey, the adventure features numerous quests that lead adventurers on quests into the ruined abbey over the course of two or three experience levels of play. From Wizards: Gardmore Abbey The abbey grounds cover... read more
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