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GenCon 2013 – D&D Play Experience

I got my introduction to role playing games like many of my era, playing the Red Box back in 1979-1980.  This opened the door to a whole new world of games to me that eventually led me to play other stuff like Traveller, Gamma World and just about everything Avalon Hill put out at that time.  I owe my passion for gaming essentially to TSR and D&D. These days I’m playing Pathfinder after my... read more

DnD Cartoon of Your Last Session?

The link to this YouTube gem has been floating around the Twitterverse this week and I thought it was awesome.  Grant Smith (MasterWGS) uploaded the video but I’m not sure if he is the author of the video.  Whoever should be credited for it, the video is hilarious and love the short pauses as the players do die rolls to determine outcomes. ... read more

D&D – Original Edition Premium Reprint

Wizards has found another way to get me in trouble at home and suck money out of my wallet, damn you WoTC!  They’ve announced release of a premium, deluxe edition of the original D&D “White Box” set for late 2013.  Looking at the picture they posted on their website, this looks like one sweet reproduction and is definitely going to be on my Christmas wishlist! The original Dungeons... read more

D&D Classics Available

A new website has just launched from the guys at DriveThruRPG/RPGNow —  Now you can get D&D products from your favorite editions in PDF format;  BECMI, AD&D 1st Edition, 2nd Edition, D&D 3rd Edition, and 4th Edition.  The site is new so the inventory is growing, but very impressive nonetheless. There is an article from that has more information about the new... read more

D&D Collector Series Miniatures

Gale Force 9 has released their long awaited line of collector Dungeons and Dragons miniatures this month, the first in a series of collections to be released this year.  They are marketing the new line as premium models sculpted by some of the very best names in the business and additionally that only the highest quality resin is being used.   If you take a look at the pictures posted here or on their... read more
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