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To Game or Not To Game

In the last few months life has been pretty tough, to say the least.  It has been hard enough to get out of bed every day for work and life in general, to say nothing about trying to run a campaign.  I found myself struggling with the question of whether or not I should keep running a game that I wasn’t able to put my heart into, or keep it going for the players that count on me. So what do you do? ... read more

Don’t Fight Dragons, Be A Dragon!

Thats Right, or Rite… Create the dragon you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This product includes the new dragon race the Taninin, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 21 different classes), the paragon racial class, and draconic feats, all so you can play dragons alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign... read more

Pinnacle Releases New Savage Worlds Companions

Fans of Savage Worlds are thrilled that the long-awaited Science Fiction Companion has been released by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. In social media posts leading up to the release, fans from all over the world remarked on the various games they are looking forward to “Savaging” as homebrew games—including movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek, video games like HALO and Destiny, and even “Rome in... read more

GenCon 2013 – D&D Play Experience

I got my introduction to role playing games like many of my era, playing the Red Box back in 1979-1980.  This opened the door to a whole new world of games to me that eventually led me to play other stuff like Traveller, Gamma World and just about everything Avalon Hill put out at that time.  I owe my passion for gaming essentially to TSR and D&D. These days I’m playing Pathfinder after my... read more

Savage Worlds 10th Anniversary!

In celebration of Savage Worlds TENTH ANNIVERSARY, Pinnacle is having a rare sale on their Savage Worlds settings and adventures! Most of the Savage Worlds settings and adventures are 25% off for two weeks only–from July 15th to July 30th. If there’s something you’ve been thinking about getting for a while, this might be the time to do it! Pinnacle sales are like chupacabra... read more
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