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Pathfinder RPG Card Game

Looks like Paizo will be debuting the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) at GenCon 2013!  The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set, which is what they will be releasing, includes dice, nearly 500 cards, and everything 1 to 4 players will need to create characters and begin playing.  There will also be a 110 Character Add-On deck available which allows up to 6 players to... read more

Netrunner Video Tutorial

One of the fastest disappearing releases at GenCon 2012 had to have been the Netrunner card game by Fantasy Flight Games.  Unfortunately, I had such limited time at GenCon 2012, I completely missed the opportunity to sit down and try the game myself but I did manage to spend a few minutes watching some people learn the game. Netrunner is a collectible card game, designed by Richard Garfield, the... read more

GenCon 2012 – Dr. Who Card Game

As an avid Doctor Who fan, evident in some of my past write-ups, one of the things I definitely wanted to checkout was the new card game from Cubicle 7, offered for the first time at GenCon.  I quickly made my way to their booth and patiently waited for the representative to sit down with us to play a few rounds and demonstrate the game.   Dressed as the TARDIS, she welcomed us to our places at the... read more