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Fallen Earth – Not Your Kids MMO

I have to start by saying that I’ve been in a MMO funk lately. I’ve played WoW since its launch, dabbled with many others; Lord of the Rings Online, Runes of Magic, Eve Online, Anarchy Online, Aion, Rift and others that I’ve already forgotten.  None of these have captured my attention or had me running home every day to login for my evening MMO fix like WoW did in its early days. ... read more

King of RPGs – Volume 2 Review

Shesh Maccabee is back and he can’t keep that WoW monkey off his back.   King of RPGs Volume 2 picks up right where Volume 1 left off, taking us on another high octane wild ride with Shesh’s alter ego, Moggrathka. If you haven’t read Volume 1, King of RPGs introduced us to the world of hardcore computer gamer Shesh Maccabee, recently banned by court order from playing online games. ... read more

The Secret World – Story & Missions

Funcom has a brand new video developer diary focusing on Story and Missions in The Secret World. Check it out! Secret World – Story and Missions read more

Secret World in Beckett MMO Mag

If you’re anxiously awaiting The Secret World MMO like I am, you can help satisfy your craving by picking up this month’s copy of Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine.  They did a four page article on the game’s development, talking with Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos. Don’t expect to find any release date information unfortunately, we can... read more

Vindictus Review – Part 1

Vindictus is a hack and slash F2P MMORPG from Nexon, which also created Atlantica Online and Dragon Nest (in closed Beta).   Vindictus  mixes instanced stages with persistent towns that act as hubs, reminding me a bit of Guild Wars.   The game came recommended to me from someone and since I was looking to try something new but didn’t want the expense of yet another MMO, I figured I’d... read more
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