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Vacation & Our TSW Cabal

Yes, I’m back after a wonderful vacation… a much needed one.  So I apologize for the lack of posts in June. If you’ve followed things here you know I’ve been waiting on The Secret World forever, which finally launches tomorrow (June 29th) for those with Early Access.  So because of this I have been very busy building and launching a site for our Cabal – Novus Ordo. ... read more

The Secret World Delayed 2 Weeks

Modern day MMO The Secret World has been delayed by two weeks, developer Funcom has announced. It launches on 3rd July. It had been due out 19th June. Funcom said the delay was due to “market reasons”. “The new launch date places The Secret World in a more positive launch window which will benefit the launch of the game,” the Norwegian company added. Because of the delay, the Early... read more

The Secret World Open Beta

  If you follow this site at all you know how much I have been anticipating the release of this game.  I have been following it for nearly 5 years and salivating over every bit of news I could dig up.  You might also have noticed that I have been quiet about the game lately.  This is because I was fortunate enough to get chosen for Closed Beta and therefore subject to the NDA I was required to... read more

Secret World PreOrder with Funcom

If you haven’t preordered your copy of the upcoming MMO, “The Secret World”, now is your chance!  By pre-ordering through Funcom you get access to exclusive beta weekends starting May 11th and an early launch of the game (scheduled for June 19th).  But wait, there’s more! Secure your character name In-game item that grants an xp boost Exclusive in-game t-shirt Exclusive pet that... read more

The Secret World Release Date Pushed

Say it can’t be so, but I said repeatedly that I thought it was unlikely to be ready by April.  Sure enough Funcom announced today that the game’s release date has been pushed back to June 19th. Initial testing and press events have been “very positive,” Funcom said in a statement, and the extra development time will allow The Secret World to meet growing expectations when it... read more
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