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Super Genius Games Announces All-Genius Pass

Due to popular demand from their fanbase, Super Genius Games are now making their Pathfinder PDFs available through a subscription plan. From With the help of, Super Genius Games is now proud to announce a subscription plan that allows fans to get all our Pathfinder-compatible products in one easy step. The All-Genius Pass is a subscription plan through read more

Design Your Own D&D Encounter?

If you think you’re up for it, WOTC is holding a D&D Encounter Design Contest.  To participate in the contest you just have to submit your best idea (200 word limit) for a D&D encounter for characters levels 10-12. Be sure to include any monsters, traps, and challenges, as well as a map for your encounter.  Additionally the encounter must fit within the The Fall of Neverwinter theme (see... read more

Mongoose Announces Summer Releases

Mongoose Publishing announced their summer release schedule yesterday, mostly RPG stuff but also a few other items. I’m excited to see some new Traveller supplements on the list: Supplement 5 & 6 – The Vehicle Handbook: We have acknowledged that we have not been really happy with the vehicle construction system for Traveller. So, we decided to do something about it. This combined ... read more

C2E2 Chicago – Mar 18-20

C2E2 is rapidly approaching!  If you haven’t got your tickets, hurry up!  There will be some D&D and PathFinder gaming events in the evening for those interested in joining the adventures. Quite a few famous guests in attendance; Eliza Dushku,  Laurie Holden, Jon Bernthal, Tahmoh Penikett, Patton Oswalt and the biggest of all…Svengoolie! The event is held at the McCormick Place (of... read more

Felicia Day Announces New Web Series

Felicia Day popularly known as the creator of Web comedy series The Guild about online game players, has written and will star in a new Web series, Dragon Age: Redemption.   The show is obviously based on the BioWare‘s role-playing Dragon Age game franchise which will also be launching the sequel, Dragon Age II, on March 8th.  Redemption‘s air date has not been announced, only that it will... read more
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