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Monte Cook Leaves D&D Next Project

Surprised?  Yeah, so am I.  The first question that popped in my head when I read this news in Mike Mearl’s posting on Wizard’s site was, “What’s wrong with D&D Next?” I am surprised, and frankly saddened, by Monte’s decision to leave the D&D Next design team. I’d like to thank him for his contribution, and we all wish him well. However, given all the negative... read more

Secret World PreOrder with Funcom

If you haven’t preordered your copy of the upcoming MMO, “The Secret World”, now is your chance!  By pre-ordering through Funcom you get access to exclusive beta weekends starting May 11th and an early launch of the game (scheduled for June 19th).  But wait, there’s more! Secure your character name In-game item that grants an xp boost Exclusive in-game t-shirt Exclusive pet that... read more

GenCon 2012

Every year about this time I start to get that tingly feeling that tells me I’m being called to my personal Mecca, that celebration of my inner geek – GenCon!  Just under six months remaining until the official opening on August 16th, I’m excited at the buzz in the community. This will be the event’s 45th year as “the original, longest running, best attended, gaming... read more

The Secret World Release Date Pushed

Say it can’t be so, but I said repeatedly that I thought it was unlikely to be ready by April.  Sure enough Funcom announced today that the game’s release date has been pushed back to June 19th. Initial testing and press events have been “very positive,” Funcom said in a statement, and the extra development time will allow The Secret World to meet growing expectations when it... read more

The Secret World PreOrder Now Available!

Obviously I have been waiting on this one forever and I’ve been watching the net for any news of when this was going to happen.  Every so often I do a check via Amazon or GameStop and today they both came back positive – PreOrder is Alive! I could not find a collector’s edition, only the normal one is shown so far (not to say there ever will be a collector’s edition).  Price on... read more
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