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Pathfinder Mass Effect?

How cool is this?  Wesley Schneider the Paizo Editor-in-chief, co-creator of the Pathfinder campaign setting, and co-designer of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game released his home brew Pathfinder Mass Effect Adventure: Project Lobotomy.  Everything he’s used in his adventure is neatly packaged in a small zip file containing everything you need… and its free. He states that these are... read more

Rebuild EN World

In December 2012 one of the cornerstones of the RPG community was hacked, briefly devastating gamers that relied on the website for more than just its vast wealth of information.  The hacking resulted in some data loss but more importantly code loss and securing the site will apparently be quite a task. EN World is run by Russ Morrissey (Morrus) with money out of his own pocket and donations from the many... read more

D&D Collector Series Miniatures

Gale Force 9 has released their long awaited line of collector Dungeons and Dragons miniatures this month, the first in a series of collections to be released this year.  They are marketing the new line as premium models sculpted by some of the very best names in the business and additionally that only the highest quality resin is being used.   If you take a look at the pictures posted here or on their... read more

Veil of Truth – Human Nature

Eridanus Books has released their first supplement for their alternate earth setting.  Since I’ve been playing and running quite a bit of Pathfinder lately, this new addition is pretty exciting.  Read more details from the release below. It was in the late years of the 21st Century, while Humanity was immersed in a new Cold War, that we stumbled upon them. We were not alone. Worse: we had been... read more

Razor Coast Campaign

Razor Coast is the long anticipated Caribe-Polynesian flavored, Age of Sail swashbuckling RPG campaign envisioned and designed by Nicolas Logue. It is applauded for its ambitious and original design, its epic flavor and its lurid, full-color art – including a cover by the award winning Wayne Reynolds. Logue tapped a team of veteran designers to help develop and write Razor Coast, including Lou Agresta,... read more
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