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Kickstarter Picks for July-August 2013

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Kickstarter Picks, mostly because there haven’t been any that really excited me since the Dwarven Forge “give-away”.  However this month there are a couple going on that are more appealing personally but I’m posting them anyway. SPACE: 1889 Men have conquered the inner planets of the Solar System and are now travelling through the... read more

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

Launched today and already funded, Dwarven Forge’s game tiles Kickstarter is just too darn cool not to get behind!  Stefan Pokorny of Dwarven Forge has been creating 3D modular terrain for Dungeon delvers for 17 years, and is hoping to bring this newer line of affordable sets to a broader range of gamers. Game Tiles is their new 25mm gaming terrain that is completely compatible with their classic,... read more

Pathfinder RPG Card Game

Looks like Paizo will be debuting the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (PACG) at GenCon 2013!  The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Rise of the Runelords Base Set, which is what they will be releasing, includes dice, nearly 500 cards, and everything 1 to 4 players will need to create characters and begin playing.  There will also be a 110 Character Add-On deck available which allows up to 6 players to... read more

Kickstarter Pick – The Ragged Man Adventure

Todd VanHooser is an author and has written numerous short stories, a horror collection, fantasy novels, and designed a table-top roleplaying game based on his series, The Laughing Moon Chronicles.  The Laughing Moon role-playing game is a story-based, character driven RPG, similar in style to D&D where players have a variety of skills that help define their characters without limiting them to a... read more

D&D – Original Edition Premium Reprint

Wizards has found another way to get me in trouble at home and suck money out of my wallet, damn you WoTC!  They’ve announced release of a premium, deluxe edition of the original D&D “White Box” set for late 2013.  Looking at the picture they posted on their website, this looks like one sweet reproduction and is definitely going to be on my Christmas wishlist! The original Dungeons... read more
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