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Secret World in Beckett MMO Mag

If you’re anxiously awaiting The Secret World MMO like I am, you can help satisfy your craving by picking up this month’s copy of Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine.  They did a four page article on the game’s development, talking with Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos. Don’t expect to find any release date information unfortunately, we can... read more

Daggerdale Trailers and Gameplay

With Daggerdale being released in just a couple weeks, May 24, 2011 for the PC, 360 and PS3, I figured its a good time to post some videos.  First is the newer storyline trailer and the second video is from Giant Bomb, their game play video. ... read more

Roll a D6

Since its everywhere, and actually pretty catchy, I’m posting it for your entertainment. read more

King of RPGs Fan Art Contest

To celebrate the launch of King of RPGs volume 2 which will be on May 24th, is having a contest for the greatest King of RPGs fan art. Five winners will be awarded one of the following prizes: GRAND PRIZE: A limited edition, full-color King of RPGs t-shirt drawn and designed by Victor Hao! (Please specify the size of you choice.) Plus a signed and sketched-in copy of King of RPGs volume... read more

Secret World Reveal & New Trailer

If there is one game that has kept my mouth salivating the last year or so it would have to be The Secret World.  I was excited to see the latest reveals from Senior Producer Ragnar Tørnquist and Lead Designers Martin Bruusgaard and Joel Bylos this past week at the Game Developers Conference.  If you have been trapped on a remote island somewhere the past year, The Secret World is Funcom’s newest MMO... read more
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