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Rebuild EN World

In December 2012 one of the cornerstones of the RPG community was hacked, briefly devastating gamers that relied on the website for more than just its vast wealth of information.  The hacking resulted in some data loss but more importantly code loss and securing the site will apparently be quite a task. EN World is run by Russ Morrissey (Morrus) with money out of his own pocket and donations from the many... read more

GenCon 2012

Every year about this time I start to get that tingly feeling that tells me I’m being called to my personal Mecca, that celebration of my inner geek – GenCon!  Just under six months remaining until the official opening on August 16th, I’m excited at the buzz in the community. This will be the event’s 45th year as “the original, longest running, best attended, gaming... read more

RPG Podcasts: What are you listening to?

The last year I’ve been searching for podcasts to listen to on my daily commute to work, gravitating towards those that talk about my hobby; RPGs.  At first I used my Android application, Podkicker, to try to locate RPG related podcasts but it returned only a few, and most of them were no longer recording.  Of course I tried Googling to add a few more to my list but it wasn’t until I found... read more

The Secret World Beta Registration is Live!

Finally!  The moment has come, FunCom has gone live with beta registration for the upcoming MMO, The Secret World.  I’ve been following this game forever and have really high hopes for this one.  Hopefully with some luck I’ll be one of the beta testers but given the number of people likely applying, I won’t hold my breath. So if you haven’t applied, click here to get your chance... read more

The Secret World – Story & Missions

Funcom has a brand new video developer diary focusing on Story and Missions in The Secret World. Check it out! Secret World – Story and Missions read more
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