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DCC RPG World Tour 2013

Alright, it would be a world tour if the world consisted of only North America… but World Tour sounds better.  You can sign up to run game and earn free swag OR, you can play in their games at upcoming events and win special prizes! Event Dates Dates Event Location Feb. 14-17 GenghisCon Denver, CO Feb. 15-18 OrcCon Los Angeles, CA Feb. 15-18 DunDraCon San Ramon, CA Feb.... read more

GenCon 2012 – Good Times, Good Games

Having missed GenCon in 2011, it was very difficult to wait for the start of GenCon 2012.  I had to keep myself busy all year to avoid counting the days and hours for the Indiana Convention Center to open its doors to the horde of geeks that take over the city for the best 4 days of gaming…anywhere. Unavoidable this year, I couldn’t actually get to the event until early Saturday morning which... read more

GenCon 2012 – Wooden Wars Review

For GenCon 2012 I brought my son along because I could no longer convince him that he’d only be bored in hours worth of seminars and looking over the endless list of products.  He knew better and argued his way into coming along and I took it as an opportunity to take a look at some games I normally wouldn’t have.  One of these gems was Wooden Wars by Thomas Foss. On Saturday afternoon we... read more

GenCon 2012 – Dr. Who Card Game

As an avid Doctor Who fan, evident in some of my past write-ups, one of the things I definitely wanted to checkout was the new card game from Cubicle 7, offered for the first time at GenCon.  I quickly made my way to their booth and patiently waited for the representative to sit down with us to play a few rounds and demonstrate the game.   Dressed as the TARDIS, she welcomed us to our places at the... read more

GenCon 2012 – 13th Age Review

One of the events I participated in at GenCon 2012 was the Indie Games On Demand, a chance to choose from a list of available games and jump right into a session.  I was fortunate to have an actual ticket for this event as the line was pretty long, so this allowed me to go to the front, just in time to snatch up some seats in the 13th Age.  Even better, we moved the game to a neighboring room which was... read more
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