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Pathfinder Tavern – GenCon 2013

As Pathfinder is my game of choice these days, I’m passing along this announcement for those that will be attending GenCon with me this year. REDMOND, WA (July 16, 2013): Paizo Publishing, LLC, publisher of the world’s best-selling Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and leading publisher of fantasy RPG accessories, board games, and novels, and Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indianapolis, IN, announce... read more

GenCon Events – Got Tickets?

A week of sifting through thousands of events for the most anticipated Geek convergence of the year came to fruition on Sunday, May 19th.  Our group spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning trying to finalize our wishlist, also making sure we had plenty of alternates in case our first choices were taken.  I don’t even want to guess how many hours I put into planning this year, my six page... read more

GenCon Event Listing Revealed

With Event Registration just 9 days away, the event listing has finally been revealed so people can begin working out their dream itinerary for the Best Four Days In Gaming.  I would have posted about this sooner, since its already been a couple days since the list was opened to the world, but I was planning my events <smile>. I have gone through the daily offerings at least 20 times already, trying... read more

GenCon Beer

Just over 100 days until GenCon 2013!!!  Can you tell I’m getting excited?  It hasn’t helped that I’ve been waiting for this GenCon since pulling out of the parking lot from GenCon 2012.  Hopefully we will see the event listing revealed within the next few days so we can begin planning our activities for the best 4 days of gaming. Until then, we have a new brew and beer garden to look... read more

GenCon Breaks Pre-Reg Records

GenCon announced today (Feb. 5th, 2013) they have set a new record for Pre-Registration in badge sales, exhibitor booth reservations, Very Important Gamer packages, event submissions and hotel bookings. Pre-Registration for badge sales during the opening week was up 41% year-to-year.  Booth space has already sold out even though they added 20,000 square feet over last year.  Impressively, VIP badges sold... read more
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