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Pathfinder Beginner’s Box

Jason Bulmahn, Lead Designer at Paizo Publishing, unveiled today the secret project they’ve been working on; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box!  Perhaps the idea came from the success of Wizards “Red Box”, hoping to introduce a new group of gamers to their game.  Whether they’ve “borrowed” from Wizard’s strategy or not, I’m all for bring more players... read more

Castles & Crusades Complete – PreOrder

Castles & Crusades is a RPG published by Troll Lord Games in 2004. Its a reimagining of classic D&D using streamlined mechanics from third edition. The game uses many d20 mechanics, but eliminates skills and feats and expands the number of character classes to 13. C&C also takes some rules from the original versions of Dungeons & Dragons or first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons... read more

King of RPGs Fan Art Contest

To celebrate the launch of King of RPGs volume 2 which will be on May 24th, is having a contest for the greatest King of RPGs fan art. Five winners will be awarded one of the following prizes: GRAND PRIZE: A limited edition, full-color King of RPGs t-shirt drawn and designed by Victor Hao! (Please specify the size of you choice.) Plus a signed and sketched-in copy of King of RPGs volume... read more

Super Genius Games Announces All-Genius Pass

Due to popular demand from their fanbase, Super Genius Games are now making their Pathfinder PDFs available through a subscription plan. From With the help of, Super Genius Games is now proud to announce a subscription plan that allows fans to get all our Pathfinder-compatible products in one easy step. The All-Genius Pass is a subscription plan through read more

Free: Revenge of the Iron Lich

Revenge of the Iron Lich, the first installment of the quarterly Saturday Night Delve series, is available for download!  I’ve been following this and I’m very excited to get a group together and bloody them up this weekend.  If you missed the previous article about the Saturday Night Delve series, take a look here. So what are you waiting for, go grab your free copy and see for... read more
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