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Razor Coast Campaign

Razor Coast is the long anticipated Caribe-Polynesian flavored, Age of Sail swashbuckling RPG campaign envisioned and designed by Nicolas Logue. It is applauded for its ambitious and original design, its epic flavor and its lurid, full-color art – including a cover by the award winning Wayne Reynolds. Logue tapped a team of veteran designers to help develop and write Razor Coast, including Lou Agresta,... read more

Pathfinder: Advanced Encounters

Since returning from GenCon I have been seeking out Pathfinder games in my area because those Society guys down in Indianapolis did such a wonderful job selling me on the game.  I had played before but not with the society and not with such wonderful GMs, the combination really lit a fire in me to want to get more involved in Pathfinder. It is this urge to play that led me to consider running something... read more

Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia eBook Edition

The original book was released over 15 years ago, authored by Dan Harms and is now available for the first time in eBook format by Arc Dream Publishing. Dan Harms said about the ebook edition: “It’s amazing to me how people still tell me how much they appreciate the Encyclopedia, even fifteen years after the first edition. Authors and gamers alike tell me how it has enriched their creative... read more

Reality Blurs – Shaintar: Legends Arise

Available now, Reality Blurs new Shaintar: Legends Arise Players Guide (Beta)… For Free! Sean Patrick Fannon’s vision comes to life for Savage Worlds in this all new iteration brought to you by Reality Blurs. There are two core books planned for release. This generous excerpt from the first book is nearly two hundred pages in length and covers the complete character creation rules to be found in... read more

Swords & Wizardry Kickstarter

Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules is a simulacrum of the original edition of the 1974 fantasy roleplaying game written by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Now everyone can play this ENnie award-winning re-creation of the original rules without paying hundreds of dollars for the original books. We are going to print the Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules in a tough, signature-stitched hardcover binding for... read more
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