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DnD Cartoon of Your Last Session?

The link to this YouTube gem has been floating around the Twitterverse this week and I thought it was awesome.  Grant Smith (MasterWGS) uploaded the video but I’m not sure if he is the author of the video.  Whoever should be credited for it, the video is hilarious and love the short pauses as the players do die rolls to determine outcomes. ... read more

4e Effect = TPK

Yesterday I was awarded my first TPK (Total Party Kill) in our Wilderlands campaign we started back in October.  No, I wasn’t the DM.  I was playing a 2nd level red-cap gnome bard that had a rich backstory and a lust for blood.  I guess it was that lust that ended up getting the party killed and all my successes wiped in a few rolls of the dice. There was a moment of silence as the last player... read more

Roll a D6

Since its everywhere, and actually pretty catchy, I’m posting it for your entertainment. read more

D&D on TV

The TV show Community (NBC) aired a 2-part episode featuring the cast playing D&D.  Some gamers might be offended but I thought it was pretty funny.  Take a peak: read more

Street D&D

This is not new, actually a year old already, but I think its pretty cool 🙂  The creator of this video has also written a manga comic about one man’s quest to become the greatest game master in the world; King of RPGs.  Written by Jason Thompson and Victor Hao, volume 2 of the series is due out on May 24th, 2011.   If you want to pick up a copy, you should see it at your local comic book store... read more