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Traveller RPG on Your Mobile

If you own an iPhone, the new Traveller RPG game is available for beta testing.  There is also a YouTube video showing game play (see below). Combining 3D visual immersion with deep Traveller RPG complexity to create a fantastic iPhone space game. Become instantly immersed in the beautiful and deadly augmented reality of this deep space iPhone game. Explore a... read more

Traveller Campaign: Gliese 20.5

I’ve finally completed the framework for the Traveller Campaign I’m writing and it feels good.  The plan is to have it completed by late spring at which time I will post the complete campaign package in the Traveller group for those that wish to try out the campaign for their own gaming groups. The Gliese 20.5 campaign is designed for 5-6 players and anticipated to take 6 months to complete if... read more
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