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The Third Imperium: Alien Module 5 Solomani

Mongoose has released a new book on pdf, “The Third Imperium: Alien Module 5 – Solomani”. When the Ancients visited Terra millennia ago, they seeded humaniti among the stars.  Those who were left behind were the Solomani and when they finally achieved jump travel, found the worlds around them already populated – it was the Solomani who toppled the Vilani Imperium, established the Rule... read more

Mongoose – State of Mongoose

Matthew Sprange of Mongoose posted the “State of Mongoose” year end review on their site today, causing perhaps a small buzz in the RPG universe.  I definitely was surprised by a few announcements and speculations. A little concerning was Matt’s perspective regarding the RPG market, stating the market has a “pulse but that is about all can be said for it”.  Personally I... read more

Traveller Bestiary?

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you probably know I have been working on a lengthy campaign for Mongoose Traveller, which I intend to offer as a download here.  While I haven’t given many updates lately I am still hard at work on the project, always finding new things to slow me down.  The latest hurdle I’ve encountered is bestiary. MGT – Animal... read more

Gliese 20.5: Planet Details Revealed

Having worked diligently the last few weeks to complete the planet design for my Traveller campaign setting, I realized I was overdue for an update on my progress.  I have to be careful not to reveal too many details so I don’t spoil the mysteries of the planet, so don’t expect too much information in this article. Excerpt from the campaign intro: The Imperial year 1110 (Terran 5631 AD), the... read more

Traveller Campaign: Gliese 20.5 Update

Having targeted sometime in May as a release date for my Traveller RPG campaign I figured I was due to at least provide an update since apparently the release will be delayed.  The campaign is still in development, with many small details left to be worked out and the main alien race that I’ve created just isn’t fulfilling what I had envisioned initially. I have spent more time than I... read more
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