Paizo To Produce Minis

If you’re like me, you like to use miniatures in your RPG adventures.  I like having a 3d model of my character to help me visualize the environment and encounters, the paper tokens just don’t work for me.  So when Wizards of the Coast canceled production of miniatures, especially with Heroes of Shadow coming, I was really disappointed to say the least.  I had hoped someone else would pick... read more

D&D In The Self-Help Section?

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons & Dragons: One Woman’s Quest to Trade Self-Help for Elf-Help? Shelly Mazzanoble, with tongue-in-cheek humor,  takes on the self-help section, proving that the benefits of the Dungeons & Dragons game goes far beyond simple entertainment.  With her signature wit and down-to-earth writing style, Shelly explores universal issues surrounding ... read more

Secret World in Beckett MMO Mag

If you’re anxiously awaiting The Secret World MMO like I am, you can help satisfy your craving by picking up this month’s copy of Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine.  They did a four page article on the game’s development, talking with Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos. Don’t expect to find any release date information unfortunately, we can... read more

WoTC Announces “Lair Assault”

Wizards Play Network in-store program is introducing a new challenge for players, Lair Assault.  The new program starts in September and will be targeted to the more hardcore, tactical players.   The challenges are described as “mega-encounters” that plays out in a few hours, with the possibility of having to replay it again due to failure.  Bring it! Read more at... read more

Traveller Campaign: Gliese 20.5 Update

Having targeted sometime in May as a release date for my Traveller RPG campaign I figured I was due to at least provide an update since apparently the release will be delayed.  The campaign is still in development, with many small details left to be worked out and the main alien race that I’ve created just isn’t fulfilling what I had envisioned initially. I have spent more time than I... read more
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