Dungeon Command: Tyranny of Goblins

On a recent trip to Dice Dojo in Chicago, a really good local game store and great place to find a game any evening of the week, I took a look at the WotC section to see what might scratch at my wallet.  Quite honestly I haven’t kept current on D&D products because I’ve just been so busy looking at all the great games coming out lately and figured its a perfect time for a diversion since... read more

Conclave – Browser RPG

Let me share with you my latest addiction like the good little RPG drug pusher that I am.  Whether I’m wasting time at work or stuck in a hotel room without my dice, my new drug of choice is a browser based tabletop RPG named Conclave.  The beauty of this game is you can play it anywhere you have an internet connection, you can play with friends even if you’re unable to get online at the same... read more

Wreck-Age Interview

Wreck-Age by Hyacinth Games is a post-apocalypse roleplaying and tabletop skirmish game born from the minds of two passionate gamers, Matt Sears and Anton Zaleski.  Set in the future, the earth finally surrendered to our wasteful ways, left a barren wasteland, devastated by pollution.  Earth’s privileged elite have abandoned the less fortunate after leaving on the first of what was promised to be... read more

Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia eBook Edition

The original book was released over 15 years ago, authored by Dan Harms and is now available for the first time in eBook format by Arc Dream Publishing. Dan Harms said about the ebook edition: “It’s amazing to me how people still tell me how much they appreciate the Encyclopedia, even fifteen years after the first edition. Authors and gamers alike tell me how it has enriched their creative... read more

GenCon 2012 – Good Times, Good Games

Having missed GenCon in 2011, it was very difficult to wait for the start of GenCon 2012.  I had to keep myself busy all year to avoid counting the days and hours for the Indiana Convention Center to open its doors to the horde of geeks that take over the city for the best 4 days of gaming…anywhere. Unavoidable this year, I couldn’t actually get to the event until early Saturday morning which... read more
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